From Maroz with the module Crewing staff can be scheduled by visual planning across different locations. The program automatically generates the best possible option in case of an open position. You can send quickly from the planning board travel documents for a flawless itinerary, and a tight relief schedule can be maintained. A multiannual staff planning can be created which is uncluttered and gives rest within your organization.

The benefits of Crew:

Complete employee registration, including alerts for expired documents provides the basis for an error-free administration, and accurate and fast payroll administration. Salary Specifications can be sent digitally and also consulted through a secure website log-in administration for the end of the month, is ready in minutes. And ensures tranquility in your organization and with your employees. Payroll records for many nationalities are already been included in marof Crewing.

• Crewing personnel registration, planning & pay rolling , certificates
• Certificate crew registration of crew certificates
• Website functionality per ship including CMS and location info (OPS)
• Alert
• Crew certificates
• Crew anniversary
• Messages
• Planning messages
• Crew application
• Crew change
• Contract / planning
• Planning screen
• Actions
• Crew action