Overview of already performed serviced items, work planning for the next week and long-term planning in combination with Surveys are the basic characteristics of Maroz Maintenance. Direct link of equipment with history and maintenance books work-instructions and reports in one system is unique.

Maintenance analysis can be performed based on operating hours are graphically as well as all maintenance done on Safety Critical equipements / Elements of all Nox / Sox administration. Spare parts lists can be imported directly from PDF and Micrsoft Excel as well as complete instruction books to get all the required correct data in one place. Completed maintenance can be recorded at the right location and serve as a reference for future changes or adjustments in the maintenance plan. In this way, the entire system stays dynamic and adaptable by only authorized persons. This proactive approach is unique to maintenance software. Overview Fleet-View, but also in detail on ship level. No endless instruction manuals to comprehend this software. level. No endless instruction manuals to comprehend this software.

• Maintenance planning incl link to inventory purchase
• ISPS safety module for ship management and captain
• Sat Com

The following modules are to be developed
Fuel fuel consumption registration
NMEA dashboard with all relevant technical performance data