Vessel Modules

The software The main reason for potential customers to start using the Maroz software is the link between all modules (integrated solution) and the real-time (financial) management information. On the ship as well as at the management office on shore all data is continuously synchronized. The advantage of the link is the real-time insight in realization versus budget because the financial accounts are always up to date. This is of great importance to management offices. Management offices can convert their software at low costs to the Maroz environment and start monitoring revenues and costs. The finance module within Maroz consists of all usual modules as well as budgeting, preparing annual accounts, invoicing and a so called ‘watch dog’ on expenditures. The Maroz Software contributes to less paperwork and smooth operations at both office and vessel. Maroz Maritime Software sells scalable software applications to shipping companies which, using the total range of possibilities, supports all business processes and provides users with relevant management information. The software can be divided in three main applications;

  • Back office application
  • Front office application
  • Overall operations wall display